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  • Use and representation of the logo

    All the logo of the Baloise Group are legally protected brands and may not be altered in any way.

    The logos may be used for editorial purposes only. Under no circumstances they may be used for other (including private or commercial) purposes.

    The logo is set in an assigned space defined by the minimum distance (half the logo height) around the logo. To ensure legibility, the logo height may never be less than 5 mm or 20 pixels.

    If more than one logo of the Baloise Group is used in the same environment and these logos are hierarchical coequal, the logos must all be the same size. The logos can have different widths. The distance between the logos is to equal one time the logo height. Generally logos are left-justified.

    Only the following representations are permissible:
    Where colour is available, the logos must appear in Corporate Blue on a white background. Either the special colour or process colour versions of the logos must be used.

    Where colour is not available, the logos may appear in black on a white background, respectively white on a black background. Other colours are not permitted.

    If the logo is not set in a white background, the background colour may not exceed grey value of 20% black.

    Linking to the Baloise website
    All link from your website to The Baloise Group website must link to The Baloise Group home page only (URL:

    The positioning of the Baloise logo and link must be in accordance with this agreement and must comply with the following regulations:

    a) You must not position the logo or link in such a way as to imply that Baloise endorses, sponsors or is related to you, your site or product, or any other content, in any way without prior written consent from Baloise.

    b) Use of the Baloise logo and link is on condition that your site does not contain any of the following content:

    • illegal, sexually explicit, pornographic or otherwise offensive material
    • Promotion of gambling, wagering or betting
    • Use of and/or manufacture of illegal drugs or dangerous goods
    • Abetting of discrimination or harassment of any nature
    • Defamatory, menacing or offensive material

    Also see Legal Notice.