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What is FRIDAY?
Blog What is FRIDAY?
Kim Berrendorf May 23, 2019 Sustainability, Products

What do you mean "what is FRIDAY"? Stupid question: Friday in English. That's right. But not only! FRIDAY is your start into a better car insurance and a component of the "Simply Safe" strategy of Baloise. FRIDAY offers car insurance in Germany that can be cancelled monthly and is accurate to the mile. But that's not all.

Driving a car, but protecting the climate

Driving cars causes CO2 emissions that additionally heat up the climate. That's just the way it is. With the FRIDAY + ECO car insurance (additional tariff), the environmentally harmful emissions caused by driving can be compensated elsewhere. With the ECO contribution, FRIDAY customers support projects that promote renewable energies and energy-efficient technologies. In cooperation with myclimate, FRIDAY invests the entire ECO contribution in certified climate protection projects that demonstrably reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

How much does it matter?

In 2018, FRIDAY + ECO customers offset 250 tonnes of CO2 at 556 m3 each with FRIDAY + ECO. The total is 139´000 m3 (250 x 556). It's hard to imagine exactly how much this is now...

Let's try it again more vividly:

The "Baloise Park", which is currently being built at the headquarters in Basel, consists of three buildings (see illustration). The CO2 savings are roughly equivalent to the volume of the Baloise Tower and the new corporate headquarters (see the markings in the illustration). 

Tower: 93´084 m3 
+ New headquarters: 55´440 m3 
= 149´844 m3

That's a considerable amount of CO2. This is especially noticeable when you are standing in front of the Baloise Park buildings. We are proud to have offset this amount of CO2 with the help of our customers and their projects. But there is no rest! Together with all those who want or have to drive a car, but are also aware of the climate crisis, we would like to compensate even more CO2 and support further projects. 
Nevertheless, a little less car and a little more bike is good for the climate and your health.

Why do we do that?

Cars with fossil drive systems are not sustainable per se. Nor should we offer car insurance. But that's part of our business and the cars that exist have to be insured by law. FRIDAY + ECO is a way that enables us and our customers to do something good in this area of our business. Or at least to compensate what is done by driving. In some areas it takes a little longer to switch to purely sustainable solutions, so it is important to find suitable transitional solutions so that we can act as quickly as possible - because we don't have much time left to think about it.

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