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As an insurance and pension company, Baloise is fundamentally sustainable because it contributes daily to the functioning of companies, economies and communities.

"The world in which we live and operate is constantly evolving. In order to secure a flourishing future for us as a company, our employees, customers, shareholders and society as a whole, we must base our actions on a future-focused foundation which enables sustainable development. Baloise stands on a solid foundation built not only through its business model which is geared toward a long-term perspective. Our highly motivated employees who epitomise our values – safety, simplicity and partnership – form a strong base to drive forward sustainable development in all areas of our business operations. However, evolution, development and change do not mean we can rest on our laurels. We want to promote the good and improve the bad. We will therefore also strive for continuous improvement in every area of our company as part of our commitment to sustainable development, as well as recognising our responsibility to shape the future of our society into one which is simpler, safer and fairer – “Simply Responsible”."

Gert De Winter, CEO Baloise Group

Sustainability at Baloise

Insurance arose from the idea of mutually supportive communities. The strength of a supportive society corresponds to the total sense of responsibility of every individual member of the community. We are therefore always aware as an insurer of how important it is to take responsibility and put our actions at the service of sustainable development.

As Baloise, we coordinate and manage an insurance pool and look after it in the interest of the various stakeholders. Responsible and committed behaviour is also part of Baloise’s current strategy, “Simply Safe”.

Sustainable development and the insurance and financial services business have significant similarities when it comes to long-term activities, handling risks and enabling development.

For Baloise, sustainable development means securing our own business operations and thus our employees’ jobs in the long term, as well as actively shaping social transformation as a corporate citizen. Our task as a corporate citizen is not only to offer our employees the best workplaces and strengthening their employability through continuous training and education, as well as offering our customers high-quality products which focus on their needs and guaranteeing long-term attractive dividends for our shareholders, but also to accept our social responsibility by integrating ourselves in our community and contributing toward a sustainable society.


"By living our lives in a considerate manner, we are usually awarded with respect and appreciation. You cannot and should not be selfish in a society with such a wide range of individuals. As a company, this applies to an even greater extent since for better or for worse, we as Baloise can have a much larger effect than a single person. We should remain aware of this effect and build our actions, activities and businesses on principles which allow us to have a positive impact on the world in the long term."
Dominik Marbet, Public Affairs & Sustainability

We want to work as a reliable partner with committed employees to drive forward innovative solutions for our customers, thus ensuring a safe and secure environment on a life-long basis. To achieve this, it is essential for us to face the challenges of our time.


"If we direct our actions as individuals and as a network of people, i.e. a company, toward a liveable future for all to the best of our abilities while remaining open to changing and questioning why we act as we act, we will be able to continue sustainably developing ourselves, our environment and our society."
Kim Berrendorf, Public Affairs & Sustainability

With Simply Safe, we as the entire Baloise Group are boldly striving for sustainable growth. We want to be the first choice for anyone who simply wants to feel safe – today and in the future. Our ambition is to be a leading employer in our sector, to convince one million new customers of our abilities and to bring two billion Swiss francs cash to the holding company.

Sustainable Management

With this concentration and a heavy focus on customers and employees, Baloise emphasises that the aspects of sustainable management cannot be considered unconnected from a company’s business management. By working for an insurance and pension company, our employees contribute daily to the protection and functioning of companies, economies, communities and individuals, thereby contributing to the economic and social stability of the countries in which Baloise and its customers operate.

Baloise must offer long-term security, something which is not sustainably feasible with only short-term achievements. It aligns its sustainable business management with the Baloise value-added model. It is based on the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) model but concentrates fully on the Baloise business model, the aspects it considers most essential and its corporate values.

Opportunities and challenges

We see the long-running low-interest phase on the capital markets, regulations, changing customer needs as a result of demographic evolution and ongoing digitalisation as opportunities and challenges. Despite the prevailing trend towards individualisation, the model of supportive communities is an important part of society and our business. The aforementioned opportunities and challenges can only be seized and overcome together. Issues such as climate change, social inclusion and sustainable economic growth affect the community and it alone can steer them in the desired direction.

Our social responsibility covers a wide spectrum and involves an equally wide range of stakeholders: from shareholders, employees and customers to partners, the public and the environment around us.

Baloise focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) and allocates its actions and activities to the respective goals.


“Sustainability shouldn’t be thought of as a label which you award yourself in order to communicate certain standards. In order to drive sustainable development forward in a serious and convincing manner, this motion must be anchored in life and the company, and must be embodied. Various different measures such as the reduction of plastic and meat consumption play a role here. These individual activities may seem small in and of themselves, but together they contribute toward the whole solution.”
Dominik Stich, Risk Management








“My understanding of sustainability at Baloise relates to various different stakeholder groups. On the one hand, Baloise has a responsibility as an employer and must thus ensure it is providing a constantly constructive and sustainable working environment. On the other hand, Baloise builds lasting customer relationships and provide long-term support to customers as a safety partner. Lastly, as a joint stock company, Baloise also has an obligation to its shareholders. Sustainable, profit-oriented handling with available resources should also be a priority.”
Marco Barone, Customer Service

We bear responsibility

Baloise primarily applies the activities and measures listed above to its employees, their families, future employees and the company in the countries in which Baloise and its companies operate. Baloise has a direct influence on these groups and takes its responsibility to advance the UN SDGs seriously.


We cultivate dialogue on sustainability with all interested parties.
We value all feedback.

Kim Berrendorf
Telephone: +41 58 285 83 67
Email: sustainability@baloise.com


"Baloise has been around for 150 years. The core of our business has been the same since its establishment in 1863. We safeguard the needs and possessions of our customers by assuming risks which individuals are unable to bear. We rely on long-term partnerships, whether these are with insured individuals and customers, employees or shareholders. For me, this business philosophy is sustainable because it involves different exponents of society. It is therefore very important for our employees to be involved in public and volunteer work. This anchors Baloise in society. We can thus ensure that we will continue adding value as an insurer, employer and a good corporate citizen over the next 150 years."

Dr. Andreas Burckhardt, Chairman of the board