We take the current and future needs of our customers into account when developing our sustainable insurance products and processes. Our products help our customers make climate-friendly decisions.

Resource customers

We set the course for tomorrow through our thoughts and actions today.

Ralph Bertschi

Activities and focus

To be able to offer suitable products and services, we have to understand what our customers want and need. It is therefore crucial to include them in the development of our offerings. Our customers are increasingly opting to make environmentally friendly purchases and investments, for example by buying electric vehicles or modernising their buildings so that they meet the latest environmental standards. Our insurance, banking and asset management products help them make these decisions. 

Protecting our customers and the environment

Innovative ways of protecting the climate

With geographical limits but open to everyone

Understanding and including our customers needs


Impact on customers

We are increasingly working with partners to meet our customers’ evolving needs and thus offer suitable solutions.

With products and services from the sectors of insurance, asset management and banking, as well as their combinations which go beyond the offer of a traditional insurance company, we support innovations that we push forward with our partners.

Our offers make our customers safer by allowing us to reduce the risks they face. Achieving professional and private goals becomes a little easier by hedging risks. We thus support social, economic and sustainable development for corporate and private customers.

The investment of insurance funds and self-managed products for third-party customers is governed by the responsible investment policy of Baloise Asset Management and includes not only environmental aspects but also ethically correct corporate governance and social criteria. This means that our customers have an indirect positive influence on sustainable development by choosing our products.


We create sustainable value.


Innovative solutions for all requirements.