We support the wide range of volunteer work carried out by our employees as part of our corporate social responsibility. We also support the preservation of cultural values through our commitment to art and various sponsorships. We therefore contribute to the sustainable development of society based on solidarity, modern education and mutual trust.

Resource Society

I keep my promises and act in a manner which is focused on sustainability.

Simon Spichtin

Activities and focus

We support the voluntary work of our employees in social, ecological and political areas – whether it’s organised by Baloise or privately. With the Baloise Art Prize and our art collection, we support young talent and access to culture. Our sponsorships support local associations and institutions that make a contribution to society. Social factors are also part of our responsible investment policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility includes our commitments in the area of political education for employees and young people, projects for disadvantaged people, supporting innovations and culture, road safety, various environmental projects, and the transfer of knowledge between generations on the topic of digitalisation.


Baloise believes that art and culture make life more interesting and form an important part of society which we support.

All information about our commitment to art and the Baloise Art Prize as well as our interactive art collection can be found online at www.art.baloise.com.

Responsible investment policy

In addition to environmental criteria, Baloise Asset Management also takes into account aspects of ethically correct business management and social criteria within its responsible investment policy, which applies to insurance funds and third-party funds. Our Active Ownership Strategy came into force on 1 March 2021 and allows us to use our financial strength to convince company management teams to adopt a conscious approach to managing ESG risks and to exploit opportunities in these areas. This allows us to promote the transition to a sustainable economy. To express our commitment, Baloise 2018 has signed the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).



Baloise believes that culture makes life more interesting. As such, the companies of the Baloise Group have a tradition of active involvement in cultural and sporting life. They support a number of institutions and events which form an established part of social life in their region.

Impact on society

Through our social activities, we enable better, modern education for young people and raise awareness among our employees about numerous aspects related to sustainability. We also support the transfer of knowledge between generations in the field of digitalisation through our Baloise Digital Scouts (only in German). Our wide-ranging commitment at all Baloise sites and ethical management contribute to an intact and trusting relationship between business and the public. Local projects and investments promote the sustainable development of the communities in which Baloise operates and on which we have an impact. The stable supportive community that we manage contributes to the function of national economies, thereby enabling social development within which volunteer work is promoted and valued.

The responsible investment policy at Baloise Asset Management integrates ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance) and thus exerts an indirect influence on society through the investments made.


We create sustainable value.


We support sustainable creativity.