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Baloise Corporate Social Responsibility 2022
Blog Baloise Corporate Social Responsibility 2022
Kim Berrendorf December 15, 2022
In 2022, we continued our wide range of social commitment activities. We explain the reasons behind Baloise’s commitment to charitable causes and the areas in which we are active.
How we help

Here at Baloise, we create value for our stakeholder groups across all of our locations – and that extends beyond our business activity. Our charitable engagement throughout the group can be roughly divided into five categories: community and good causes, environmental and climate protection, health, education and research, innovation and safety. We take our responsibility as part of society seriously and are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Community and good causes

We provide financial support and volunteer work for organisations that aid the common good and help people in need.

Our engagement at Christmas
  • Baloise for Life: During this year’s charity week in Belgium, held for the eighth year in a row, we are collecting donations for Music for Life and Télévie through a range of activities.
  • Wishes on the Christmas tree for "eins vo fünf": In 2022, there is again the wish tree campaign. In collaboration with the Employee Committee, we are organizing a Christmas tree at our headquarters in Basel, on which raffle tickets with gift wishes from children and young people have been hung. Employees can draw lots and fulfill the gift wishes. In this way, Baloise employees bring a smile to the faces of needy children, young people and families in the Basel region. 
  • Baloise Winterzauber: A Christmas market by Baloise for Baloise. We organized a Christmas market for employees and their families. All the stalls at Winterzauber donated 20 percent of their proceeds to a good cause - the Gassenküche Basel.
Our engagement
  • Baloise Bank 1 per cent donation: Every year, the Baloise Bank donates around 1 per cent of its net profit. These one-off donations are made to around 30 different projects (such as holiday week courses for disadvantaged children, supporting an SAC hut, beehives for schools, etc.).
  • Better Together Charter: Our brokers in Belgium have pledged to make a one-off contribution for charitable causes for every new contract.
  • King Baudouin Foundation: Support for the foundation, which is involved in numerous social projects in Belgium, Europe and around the world.
  • Running challenge 2.0: From June to August, a total of 200 employees in Germany performed various sporting activities (including jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.) and collected 115.795,00 kilometres by doing so. Together with the Executive Committee, they generated donations for a food donation scheme at the hospital in Bad Homburg and for the children’s charity Deutscher Kinderhospizverein e.V.
  • Volunteer Day 2022: After last year's Volunteer Day was held from home in cooperation with the Post mit Herz campaign due to the pandemic, Baloise in Germany held a trash collection campaign this year.
  • AfB – work for disabled people: In 2022, we have continued our cooperation in Germany with Europe’s largest charitable IT enterprise by donating used IT equipment such as laptops, PCs, monitors and company mobile phones to AfB for data erasure, refurbishing and resale.
  • Velafrica: We have been working with the organisation Velafrica since 2017. We donate to the organisation in all claims that end with us owning bicycles.
  • PluSport Event: In July of this year, Baloise employees once again helped to organize the PluSport event in Magglingen. With around 2,500 athletes, the PluSport Event is the largest sports day for people with disabilities in Switzerland.
  • Day of good deeds: In cooperation with Baloise's SV staff restaurant, a bakery was set up at the headquarters in Basel. Desserts were prepared there every day from May 17 to 20, 2022, and made available to the Gassenküche. The Gassenküche serves dinner to people in need from Monday to Friday.
Environmental and climate protection

We provide funding and volunteer work to organisations who strive to protect our environment and climate. Charity work does not just affect us as people, it also affects our environment. Only in an intact environment can we feel at ease; only in an intact environment can we really flourish. That is why we support environmental organisations and play an active role in protecting the environment too.

Our engagement
  • Natuurpunt/Natagora: We support Belgium’s largest nature conservation organisation financially and offer around 21 walks in Flanders and Wallonia as part of our “Baloise Family Walks” initiative. The partnership is part of the Better Together Charter.
  • natur&ëmwelt: Since 2015, we have been collaborating with the organisation natur&ëmwelt in Luxembourg, providing support in the form of funding and volunteer work from our employees. The organisation manages 1,500 ha of nature reserve in the country.
  • Swiss Climate Foundation: In 2021, we signed a ten-year contract with the Swiss Climate Foundation. By donating our rebate of the CO2 tax, we are supporting environmentally friendly technologies, products and services for small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.
  • Climate protection in Basel: As a member of the Basel region’s climate platform, we support climate protection and sustainable development in the region around our Head Office in Basel.
  • World Cleanup Day: On World Cleanup Day, volunteers around the world come together to collect waste. Baloise was also involved in this year's World Cleanup Day and contributed to a cleaner Basel with its waste collection campaign. 
  • Planting trees in Val Calanca: In April 2022, 30 employees from the General Agency in Lugano and the headquarters in Basel planted cherry and apple trees in Braggio in the Val Calanca, thus supporting biodiversity in the Val Calanca. This action took place in collaboration with the Swiss Parks Network.

We provide research funding in various areas of health and support organisations dedicated to improving the well-being of sick people and supporting general health.

Our engagement
  • Fondation Cancer: We have been supporting cancer screening and scientific research at Fondation Cancer in Luxembourg for more than ten years.
  • ALAN: We support ALAN, a Luxembourg-based association for rare diseases. ALAN’s missions are particularly important to us, reflecting values that we share and aim to apply every day like altruism and mutual aid.
  • CMCM: We have been supporting the Luxembourg health insurance provider CMCM since 2018, providing our business solutions expertise in its B2B operations.
  • UZA Antwerp University Hospital: Thanks to our partnership with the Antwerp University Hospital, we are helping research into immunotherapy against cancer in Belgium. As part of the Telecovid project, we have also donated 50 digital monitoring devices for COVID-19 patients to use at home to the hospital via the UZA team.
  • Picken Doheem: We support and maintain a partnership with a next-generation biomedical analysis laboratory in Luxembourg.
  • CliniClowns: Via the Better Together Charter, we are supporting the CliniClowns Belgium, who help put a smile on the faces of over 700 ill children.
  • Pinocchio: As part of the Better Together Charter, we are supporting Pinocchio, a charity that helps children and youngsters across Belgium suffering from burns. The organisation provides financial support for medical costs, organises special camps and ensures a comfortable stay in hospital.
Education and research

We see education and research as key parts of sustainable development. That is why we provide financial support and volunteer work to various projects, including those covering political education for youngsters.

Our engagement
  • ACEL: Support for the Association des Cercles d'Etudiants Luxembourgeois, the umbrella association of the students’ union in Luxembourg. This organisation represents over 10,000 students, making it the most important body of its kind in the country.
  • ANESEC and ANELD: Partnership with networks of Economics and Law students from the University of Luxembourg.
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland: For the last ten years, we have acted as a partner and provided financial support to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, holding innovation and sustainability workshops with students to develop ideas.
  • We have maintained a partnership with since 2019, helping children and young adults in Switzerland to become politically active. In 2022, we continued to support the Change Switzerland campaign with financing and a series of workshops for our young apprentices and employees.
  • Chair in Financial Wellbeing – University of Leuven: With the Baloise Insurance Chair to Financial Well-Being, we are supporting fundamental research into cognitive distortion and financial well-being. The chair’s results are not only academically relevant, but also provide valuable insights for political decision-makers.
  • Chair in Financial Wellbeing - Vlerick Business School: With the Baloise Insurance Chair to Financial Well-Being, we are supporting fundamental research into cognitive distortion and financial well-being. The chair’s results are not only academically relevant, but also provide valuable insights for political decision-makers.
  • Baloise Digital Scouts: Since 2017, the Baloise Digital Scouts have been committed to raising awareness of digitalisation issues in Swiss society. We offer brochures, presentations, workshops and trade fair stands on cyber security, smart homes and media education for employees, parents, school children and senior citizens – free of charge, of course. Together with the organisation Surprise, the Baloise Digital Scouts have provided support with digital issues like modern job applications and cyber security. This is based on a survey by the social conference on support requirements resulting from the pandemic.
  • Wirtschaftswoche: Since 2019, we have been supporting the Wirtschaftswochen business weeks organised by the Basel Chamber of Commerce. These events aim to educate senior school students on economic matters and provide a business-related learning experience via teamwork. Baloise generally organises two of these business weeks per year.
  • Future Skills Forum: We are supporting this event that focuses on discussing the skills that businesses will need, in order to make employees fit for the future.
  • Université de Luxembourg: For many years, Baloise has maintained an active partnership with the Université de Luxembourg, based on a close exchange in terms of training and recruitment opportunities. Within the framework of this partnership, scholarships are offered to Bachelor students in the field of Applied Management who are selected on the basis of their performance and potential. These students will receive monthly financial support for the entire 30-month duration of their bachelor's degree. This scholarship also allows them to complete an internship at Baloise during their final semester. The aim is to gain valuable experience before entering the professional market.
Innovation and Safety

We support organisations and initiatives dedicated to developing innovative technologies, products and services. These can be related to a range of areas, such as road safety or digitalisation.

Our engagement
  • InnoPrix of Baloise Bank: The Baloise Bank  foundation has been awarding the InnoPrix for the sustainable promotion of the Solothurn economy every year since 1987. Its focus is on innovative projects that offer economic added value for the region and make a contribution to research and development or a technology transfer. In addition to the economic aspects, the social impact of the idea is also crucial.
  • Fonds Emilie Leus: Through the Better Together Charter, we support the Fonds Emilie Leus foundation, which raises awareness of the risks of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in Belgium.
  • Vias Institute: Through our partnership with the Vias Institute in Belgium, we help support safety and safe behaviour on the road. A media campaign (TV and radio ad) with Olympic athlete and world champion gymnast Nina Derwael raises public awareness, in order to reduce driver distraction by the use of phones and smartphones.
  • Smart Regio Basel: Through the partnership with Smart Regio, we are supporting digital connection in the Basel region of Switzerland, in order to make it a more attractive place to live and do business over the long term.
  • EtikaAt the beginning of 2020, Baloise and etika signed a 3-year partnership agreement. The aim of this partnership is to work together to develop, among other things, insurance products that take into account sustainability aspects on social, environmental and governance issues. Various joint awareness-raising actions have also been set up. The aim is to increase the awareness of our employees, clients and the Luxembourg population of the need for sustainability in the insurance sector.
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