As an insurance and pension company, Baloise is fundamentally sustainable because it contributes daily to the functioning of companies, economies and communities. Sustainability therefore plays a fundamental role both in Baloise’s value management as well as in the Simply Safe strategy.

Resource investors

Sustainability at Baloise also includes responsible investment.

Agnes Neher
Asset Strategy & Investment Controlling

Activities and focus

We communicate openly and transparently with all capital market participants about our Simply Safe strategy which, in addition to careful customer selection and further development of our employees, also formulates our innovation strategy and includes the obligation to represent an attractive, sustainable and responsible investment for our shareholders and investors.


Effect for investors

A solid factual basis and high added value

Our open and transparent communication with all capital market participants means there is always a solid factual basis for investment decisions.

In order to continually offer a high added value and achieve our financial ambitions, Baloise developed the ECCO value management system based on the four key factors of Baloise’s total shareholder return: Earnings, Cash, Capital and Optionality.


We create sustainable value


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