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Read Baloise’s equity story and find out more about our success factors and our strengths.

About Baloise

Who is the Baloise Group? What milestones have we achieved over the past few years to allow us to become the successful insurance company that we are today? What do we stand for, and what are our ambitions? In our equity story we answer these questions and highlight the many good reasons for investing in Baloise.  You will find more information on our Simply Safe strategy here and at

Who we are

What we stand for

2025: What do we want to achieve?

1.5 million additional customers

Baloise is still the first choice for people who want to feel ‘simply safe’. By focusing even more strongly on customer needs, tailored omnichannel communication and innovative products and services in the areas of insurance, asset management, assistance and pensions, Baloise is aiming to attract 1.5 million additional customers by 2025. The increase in this target compared with the previous phase of the strategy underlines Baloise’s desire to continue generating profitable growth and playing an important role in its customers’ lives.

Reasons for investing in Baloise

In order to enable it to continually offer shareholders added value and achieve its financial ambitions, Baloise developed the “ECCO” value management system based on the four key factors of Baloise’s total shareholder return: “Earnings”, “Cash”, “Capital” and “Optionality”.





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