Our environmental principle combines the responsible use of resources, energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in our business with a responsible investment policy that focuses on climate-friendly industries.

Resource environment

To me, sustainability means acting in such a way today that makes life still worth living on our planet tomorrow.

Christopher Hilger
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Activities and focus

Baloise’s environmental policy concentrates on supporting renewable energies, the value-adding expansion of infrastructure and measures for increasing the recycling rate. All activities contribute to climate protection. We handle natural resources responsibly and carefully. This responsibility comes into play when dealing with issues related to our own energy requirements, such as purchasing, investments and the procurement of products and third-party services, and is deeply incorporated in our Vendor Code of Conduct (PDF, 419 KB).

Climate-friendly mobility of our employees

As an insurance company, we do not manufacture goods. Our greatest energy requirements at our sites come in the form of electrical power and heating energy consumption. In addition, we consider business travel during working hours and on commutes. Measures for this are, for example: 

  • The introduction of a bicycle leasing offering for employees in Belgium
  • The option for customers and employees in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland, to charge their electric cars with solar power free of charge
  • The provision of electric bicycles for our claims inspectors in Switzerland 
  • Promoting the use of public transport through discounts on ticket purchases
  • Employees are given the opportunity to use public transport whenever possible and to strictly separate waste.

Responsible Investment Policy

Baloise is fully committed to the environment and is continuously strengthening its efforts with new initiatives. This is why it has adopted a Responsible Investment (RI) policy for insurance assets. The RI policy governs the integration of environmental, social and corporate governance criteria in investment decisions. In addition, the RI policy has also been extended to all products for third-party customers managed by Baloise Asset Management. Targeted investments can indirectly contribute to climate protection, for example. To express our commitment, Baloise signed the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2018.

Real Estate

Baloise Asset Management also includes the Real Estate division. Baloise is one of the largest property owners in Switzerland. For us as a responsible investor, sustainable real estate investments and long-term returns are closely linked. In the case of new construction projects, we strive for certification - in the case of renovation projects, this is checked on a situational basis. For this purpose, the consumption figures (energy and water consumption) of the properties are systematically recorded and evaluated. With the help of the cantonal building energy certificate (GEAK), the energy efficiency of each property is determined and concrete measures for improvement are derived.

Environmental impact

Reduction of CO2 emissions and life cycle assessment

We consider energy efficiency in the IT infrastructure and in our buildings at all sites, and have thus been able to consistently reduce our CO2 emissions for years. This reduction is documented in our enviromental audit (PDF, 79 KB).

Climate-friendly company buildings

The climate-friendly mobility of our employees is another area whereby we reduce our CO2 emissions. Further projects, some of which are linked to new company buildings, will further support this in coming years.


We create sustainable value.

Asset Management

Responsible Investment.