Baloise is strongly committed to reducing its impact on the environment.

“Making a contribution to our society and the environment is something that is close to my heart. The beautiful thing is that many other people at Baloise feel the same way. Whether it’s diversity, education or innovation, there are initiatives everywhere and there are people who are committed to sustainability. This commitment from such a wide range of fields encourages me and shows me again and again how much each and every person can do.”

Anna Sigrist, Group Strategy & Digital Transformation


In 1995, Baloise became one of the first insurers to sign the insurance industry declaration on sustainable development formulated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). It drew up its own environmental guidelines in 1999 in order to give concrete form to this general commitment. From the outset, it was deemed important to embed sustainability throughout the Company and in all day-to-day business activities.

Environmental audit

The total energy and resource consumption revealed by the environmental audit shows the amounts used by the Baloise Group’s large office buildings and its computer centres.

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