Our employees are part of our identity. Their hard work, motivation and knowledge are at the heart of our unique Baloise culture. As an employer, we constantly strive to increase well-being at the workplace by offering an inspiring and motivating working environment.

Our responsibility as an employer is reflected in Baloise’s strategic orientation with a clear employee target: Baloise wants to be the leading employer in the sector in terms of employer attractiveness, aiming to be among the top 5% of employers in the financial sector in Europe by 2025. We offer our employees the space they need to contribute to the success of the company and develop both personally and professionally. As a leading employer, we create a working environment that focuses on the health and well-being of employees and where equality, inclusion and diversity are of the utmost importance.

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Activities and focus

We stand out in the market through our value culture, work environment and development focus, which are based on fair remuneration.

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Values culture: together and on equal terms

A focus on development and the will to change

Participation and exchange

We offer our employees a range of possibilities for contributing their opinions and promoting exchange.

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Impact on employees

Further development

Employees’ skills are promoted through their work at Baloise, and they are given the freedom to develop these through their own abilities. In line with the motto: anything goes, nothing has to. The opportunity to build up an extensive network between employees brings new professional opportunities within Baloise as well as a valuable exchange of experience. Our aim is to establish the best match between the modern skills of our employees and the requirements of Baloise as a company.

Our culture: top employer

One manifestation of our corporate culture is our ambition to be among the top 5% of employers in the industry by 2025. With a promotion to the top 10% of European employers in the financial industry in 2021, we are fully on track to achieve this goal. Development is measured by a performance indicator that indicates how often Baloise is recommended as an employer. In addition, our culture and the cultural change that our Simply Safe strategy entails is not only supported and determined by management, but also considerably by our employees. In order to follow our strategy in terms of deeds, 200 highly committed and networked employees developed the Baloise CODE, which promotes cultural change across all hierarchies and makes it tangible. The Baloise CODE is consistent with the Baloise behavioural values: “Put yourself in other’s shoes”, “Act authentically and earn trust”, “Develop and engage – yourself and others”.

High employee loyalty

Friendly Work Space

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Different personalities, diverse expertise: diversity is the driving force behind our special corporate culture. Employees of all ages, genders, cultures, sexual orientations and attitudes shape the enterprise in many ways. Sexual harassment and discrimination of any form will not be tolerated, and will be punished by various bodies (HR Business Partner, Occupational Health Management, Employee Commission and Integrity Line).

Diversity Board and Coordination Centre

A commitment to helping women advance

Further development at all levels

Through the opportunity for continuous further development and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, we create the best match between employees with modern skills and the needs of Baloise as a company.

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