With freedom for further development and a culture that promotes the formation of a comprehensive professional network between employees, we increase the desirability of our employees on the job market.

Resource employees

Whether it is diversity, education or innovation, there are employees everywhere who are committed to sustainability.

Katarina Miljkovic
Group Strategy & Digital Transformation

Activities and focus

We increase the employability of our staff. This means that the skills of every Baloise employee are supported and they are given the freedom to develop these through their own initiative. In line with the motto: anything goes, nothing has to. 

The opportunity to build up an extensive network between employees brings new professional opportunities within Baloise as well as a valuable exchange of experience. Our aim is to establish the best match between the modern skills of our employees and the requirements of Baloise as a company.
We stand out in the market through our value culture, work environment and development focus, which are based on fair remuneration.

Participation and exchange

Employee representatives from the national subsidiaries have been meeting with representatives of the CEC once a year since 2004 at the European Panel. In the spirit of the Baloise value culture, this forum involves a promotion of cross-border dialogue, exchanges, mutual information and the ability to walk in each other’s shoes to obtain a better mutual understanding of the respective concerns.

A harmonious development of economic activities is thus ensured taking into account all interests in the Group. The following employee representatives are responsible for national issues.


Impact on employees

Further development

Through the opportunity for continuous further development and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, we create the best match between employees with modern skills and the needs of Baloise as a company.

Financial security

Our employees are financially secure and have access to a wide range of health programmes and counselling. The loyalty of our employees is high and the network between colleagues is extensive. This gives employees the opportunity to take on various roles during their period of employment at Baloise, which is longer than the average.

Baloise CODE

One manifestation of our corporate culture is our ambition to be among the top ten per cent of employers in the industry by 2021. Development is measured by a performance indicator that indicates how often Baloise is recommended as an employer. In addition, our culture and the cultural evolution brought through our Simply Safe strategy is not only supported and determined by management, but also considerably by our employees. In order to follow our strategy in terms of deeds, 200 highly committed and networked employees developed the Baloise CODE, which promotes cultural change across all hierarchies and makes it tangible. The Baloise CODE is consistent with the Baloise behavioural values: “Put yourself in other’s shoes”, “Act authentically and earn trust”, “Develop and engage – yourself and others”.

Sustainability network

A sustainability network has been active since 2019, which consists of all Baloise departments that influence and are influenced by this topic within Baloise. This working group is equipped with the necessary professional expertise to develop the content for the topic of sustainability and to update it regularly; for example, the value creation model. The Group Strategy Board (GSB), which comprises the Corporate Executive Committee (CEC) and the CEOs of the national subsidiaries, decides on the implementation and application of the content. The Board of Directors is responsible for developing the sustainability approach, embedding it in the overall strategy and overseeing it. The described governance model was approved by the GSB and the Board of Directors in late 2019.


We create sustainable value.


Job offers and insight into our corporate culture.