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Media releases It takes two – Baloise strengthens its dual business model with its branding campaign
Basel, July 9, 2019. The soul classic “It takes two” is about how life is better as a pair than alone. The same applies to financial services. You may be able to acquire everything you need from different service providers, but it’s only possible to provide full customer benefits if you can offer insurance and bank services from the same source. As a result, Baloise Insurance Ltd and Baloise Bank SoBa have chosen “It takes two” as their theme song.

“It takes two” by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston is the song that perfectly highlights Baloise’s unique selling proposition, the combination of insurance and bank. The new TV spot broadcasting on a variety of channels focuses on this message. “I am thrilled about the launch of the new campaign focusing on our dual business model”, says Michael Müller, CEO of Baloise Switzerland. “It helps us gain recognition among non-customers and thus supports our new customer target. The spot also reminds our current customers about the service combination we offer of insurance and bank.”

The end of the spot therefore hits the nail on the head: we’re simply better together.

Long presence throughout the summer

Due to its focus on the brand, the spot is not linked to any particular season, meaning it can still be used in months with comparably cheaper broadcasting times. The spot runs on television throughout almost all of July and August with one small interruption. During this period, it is also continuously run online as well as at open-air cinemas across Switzerland.

Poster campaign as a regional branding measure

The national TV and online campaign is accompanied regionally by a tailored poster campaign. The core of this measure is not the “insurance and bank” business model but rather Baloise’s promise to its corporate clients to provide services in as simple and accessible a manner as possible. Since the posters portray true claims and statements from real customers, they are authentic and display Baloise’s collaborative approach to claims in a genuine manner.

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Further information TV spot on (DE) Link öffnet in einem neuen Tab
Further information TV spot on (DE) Link öffnet in einem neuen Tab
+41 58 285 82 14
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About Baloise The focus is firmly on the future at Baloise. We aim to make tomorrow more straightforward, safer and more carefree for our customers, and we are taking responsibility for this today. Baloise is more than just a traditional insurance company. Through our smart finance and insurance solutions, complemented by a whole host of innovative offerings for the home and personal transport, we offer a complete service package. Dependable support, reliable cooperation and trust-based relationships are key aspects of our stakeholder interaction. We take care of financial matters so that our customers can concentrate on the important things in their lives and can find inspiration in the everyday. Baloise, a European company founded in 1863, currently employs 8,000 people at its headquarters in Basel (Switzerland) and across its subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. Our services generated a business volume of around CHF 8.8 billion in 2022 and a profit of CHF 548 million. Baloise Holding Ltd shares (BALN) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.
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