Baloise’s occupational pension business resilient despite challenging conditions in 2020

Basel, May 21, 2021. Basler Insurance proves resilient in the occupational pension business and presents a solid group life report despite turbulent conditions in 2020. Operating profit remained on a par with 2019 at CHF 40.1 million, which highlights the robustness of the investment yield in a highly unusual trading year. The number of signed-up companies increased once again. More than 18,000 contracts covering 151,616 active policyholders speak to the fact that Basler’s broad product offering – ranging from comprehensive BVG insurance contracts to partially autonomous solutions – address the needs of customers extremely well. Basler is strengthening its comprehensive BVG insurance business so that is able to continue offering this balanced product range in the future.

In an eventful 2020, Basler was able to maintain stability in its occupational pension business. The net investment yield went up by 0.21 percentage points year on year to 1.76 per cent, demonstrating once again that Basler is a reliable partner for all stakeholders. Despite the challenging conditions caused by the pandemic, Basler fulfilled all of its obligations. 

A successful year overall for occupational pensions at Basler despite some turbulence

The broader macroeconomic picture deteriorated in 2020 – at times sharply – due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the environment remained challenging, Basler’s occupational pension business generated premium income of CHF 2.2 billion and earnings of CHF 40.1 million in connection with more than 18,000 contracts. The payout rate, which comprises claims, reserves and surpluses, was slightly higher than in 2019 at 93.4 per cent. Once again, a significant proportion of the payout rate was attributable to the recognition of reserves in light of rising life expectancy, low interest rates and, consequently, excessively high conversion rates. Basler set aside more than CHF 120 million for this purpose. Nonetheless, the company was able to allocate CHF 15 million to the surplus fund. Interest on retirement assets was paid at a rate of 1.00 per cent for the mandatory part and 0.75 per cent for the non-mandatory part, whereby 0.50 per cent was credited in the form of surpluses.

Partially autonomous collective foundation Perspectiva is an attractive alternative to comprehensive BVG insurance

The partially autonomous collective foundation Perspectiva is becoming increasingly established and recorded further growth in 2020. The fact that more than 3,000 companies have now signed up to Perspectiva shows that Basler’s partially autonomous solution is an ideal model for many customers. The combination of significantly higher potential for returns and lower costs is attracting many companies to partially autonomous solutions. The collective foundation has a very good age structure. This pension solution from Basler manages the risk of partial autonomy responsibly and is thus well-prepared for the future.

Retirement savings shortfalls and low interest rates require political action

“The challenges in the occupational pension sector remain pressing. Alongside persistently low interest rates, there is also the issue of retirement savings shortfalls resulting from excessively high compulsory conversion rates. We have therefore decided to gradually lower the conversion rates for comprehensive BVG insurance from 2022, both for retirement savings above the income threshold and for mandatory retirement assets,”* says Dominik Glaser, Head of Group Life at Basler Switzerland. “Basler remains committed to the comprehensive BVG insurance model. But the external parameters set by legislators and the regulator are very restrictive and it is becoming increasingly difficult to operate successfully in this market. The reform proposals that were put forward by the Swiss Federal Council at the beginning of the year are a good start. They also include improvements for part-time workers and those working in the low-wage sector. A particularly pressing challenge now is to quickly reach viable compromises on unresolved issues regarding compensation for the ‘transitional’ generations to ensure that the much-needed overhaul of the system can be carried out successfully,” Glaser concludes.

*See media information from 26 January 2021.


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