Careers in Liechtenstein Our culture - courageous & humane
We believe in diversity and individual personalities.

We want real people with their own opinions and seek interaction on an equal footing. We want to test ourselves in the knowledge that mistakes happen. Failures are important. They make us wiser the next time we try.

We are committed to a constructive feedback culture, which is about respect, dialogue and continual development. You are in the driving seat. Nobody’s development is left to chance. You will find an environment geared towards partnership, which supports you and is built on a foundation of trust. Sharing knowledge and staying curious are important to us. It makes us all wiser and broadens everyone's perspective.

The WE counts.

We are aware that our world is changing fast, in ways that are complex and challenging for all of us. But community holds the key. Nobody is alone. We develop together. 

Question! Be curious! Learn and change! The broader your horizons, the more securely you can face the future.

With this in mind, we encourage you to change perspective – by temporarily switching jobs within Baloise, for a number of months. This has many benefits: Forging contacts beyond departmental and national borders. Getting to know different ways of working. Increasing and sharing knowledge. WinWinWin.

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