Careers in Liechtenstein

Development & Career

Anyone who believes they're the best has lost the desire to get better.

What we do for your development

Break out of the routine and change perspective.

Two female colleagues and one male colleague are sitting together in discussion in a meeting room with glass window panes.

We encourage temporary, internal job-switching. What experience are you keen to gain? What would broaden your horizons and establish a better network for you? Do an internship lasting several months in an area of Baloise which catapults you out of your team, assures you of valuable insights into different ways of working and may change the way you think. Or be a "Shadow for a day" and spend a day shadowing a work colleague. Ultimately, as you develop, so does your team to which you return.

P.S. And if you love your new job so much that you want to stay there, let's talk about that!

Supporting people, promoting talents

A young, dark-haired woman is sitting in a quiet area with a man, discussing a presentation on a laptop.

Our working world is changing and, with it, our understanding of leadership. We must support and facilitate a successful workflow in the team setting. It's about appreciating others, constructive feedback and interaction on an equal footing. Opinions matter, as does dialogue. We support our employees with their development – in both a personal and professional sense. Our talent management system specifically helps employees who display the potential to take responsibility in a team or project setting, in keeping with our values-based culture.

Continuing development, formal and informal

Left and right at the edge of the picture are 6 pairs of legs with laptops, post-it and other work material. In the middle you can see a Glühbrine with chalk.

We set great store by fostering and maintaining a culture of learning. We have our own learning library and even a games room to encourage us to think differently about things. We share what we learn and the ideas we have, however radical, in ad hoc meetings with our colleagues every week.

The professional and personal development opportunities we offer are both diverse and central to our business.

A campus for new and experienced managers

A dark-haired woman is explaining something to her male colleague at a conference table.

We look after our managers with particular development potential across the group, in our “Baloise Campus” programme. The focus is on strategic business alignment and nurturing leadership skills in line with the Baloise culture.


We are looking for people who want to develop. What does career mean to you? Ideas about this are highly personal and what we offer reflects this. We actively encourage mobility within Baloise, with temporary job-switching. Looking beyond the confines of your own team creates a greater understanding of the bigger picture.

In what direction do you want to develop? Which areas might be exciting for you? The more we learn, the more secure our position is at a time when jobs are being redefined. Yes, you will have to break out of your comfort zone on occasion, but you are not alone.