The trust of our employees, customers, shareholders and the public is a top priority for Baloise. Adherence to rules, laws and standards is thus a key condition for creating sustainable value.

Compliance framework conditions

Sustainability is a balanced give and take.

Silvia Kalbermatten

Compliance means more than just following the applicable laws: in fact, it includes the strategies for proper behaviour in accordance with applicable regulations. It is therefore also a matter of conscious and intentional adherence to rules in the broadest sense. Compliance is a vital tool for management control. These aspects make our intact corporate compliance an important framework for our value creation.

Our integrity as a service provider is essential for the trust of our employees, customers, shareholders and the public. We have had a Group Compliance Officer since 2002, for whom several employees now work. Their duties include, among other things, coordinating and implementing existing standards such as the Code of Conduct or Group-wide compliance standards as well as introducing new standards in the area of compliance. Group Compliance is thus an integral part of our efforts to comply with corporate governance.


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Head of Group Compliance

Peter Kalberer


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