Innovations in the area of sustainability

Through investments, partnerships and collaborations, we can offer our customers innovative products and services that drive developments towards a sustainable future. 

With our innovative services and products, we not only help to protect and ensure the functioning of companies, economies, communities and individuals, but we also promote a society focused on the long term and sustainability. Our innovations focus on our Home and Mobility ecosystems.


Partnership MyCamper

Through the principle of local rental and leasing, cooperation with MyCamper, a platform for sharing camping vehicles, enables holidays through multiple use of existing resources: motor homes, camper vans and caravans that would otherwise be unused are rented out locally, and the holiday can start almost on the doorstep. 

Partnership TWIICE

Through a partnership with the Swiss start-up TWIICE, which specialises in the development of exoskeletons, Baloise is helping to integrate the mobility needs of a specific target group: people with musculoskeletal disorders. This means we can support future forms of mobility for everyone in keeping with our sustainability approach and our promise to take social responsibility.

Investment GoMore

With our investment in the Danish peer-to-peer car-sharing company GoMore, we are expanding our Mobility ecosystem with an important strategic component in the area of sustainable passenger transport. GoMore is convinced that better use of cars is necessary to achieve the goal of more sustainable individual transport.

Investment Mobly

The subsidiary Mobly created the MOVEasy mobility platform together with assistance company Europ Assistance. Thanks to the mobility-as-a-service approach, MOVEasy integrates more than 20 mobility providers in Belgium with the aim of offering the mainly urban population a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to transport by car – while also enabling them to keep an eye on their mobility budget.

Investment FRI:DAY

With the FRIDAY +ECO product, which was developed with the renowned climate protection organisation myclimate, FRIDAY customers can contribute to climate protection by offsetting CO2 emissions caused while driving.

Baloise Kickbox BalCharge

Electromobility is the ideal solution for those wanting to get from A to B more sustainably without sacrificing comfort and convenience. The BalCharge project was launched via the Kickbox campaign. The aim of BalCharge is to install charging stations for electric vehicles in our properties. 

Investment DrivOlution

Baloise in Belgium is the majority shareholder of DrivOlution, a company specialising in the analysis and correction of driving styles. DrivOlution helps corporate customers to reduce their mobility budget. The focus is on prevention to reduce fuel consumption and insurance costs, making driving safer, more considerate and better for the environment.

Partnership 2em

The cooperation with car-sharing provider 2em focuses on renting with sustainable mobility. A social network centred around vehicle rental enables the renting and leasing of (private) vehicles in Switzerland to make better use of the availability of existing vehicles. 


Partnership Koj

The Swiss start-up Koj offers home furnishings by subscription. High-quality furniture is used in the process so that it can be restored and used again when the subscription expires. Our cooperation with Koj enables us to support sustainable and environmentally friendly living. In addition, Koj plants one tree for every subscription taken out as part of a reforestation project.

Investment B-Tonic

The B-Tonic health platform is a subsidiary of Baloise in Belgium. The platform focuses on the mental and physical well-being of employees, brokers and customers: through the platform, they receive tips on how to develop greater resilience, especially during difficult times, for example through healthy nutrition and daily exercise. With various campaigns such as the “Healthy in 100 days” challenge, free health guides, webinars and Facebook Live sessions, B-Tonic leads the way and offers services that underline how well-being is also a high priority in the home and living sector.

Investment Houzy

The Swiss platform Houzy offers comprehensive digital solutions for homeowners. The innovative tools (solar, heating and renovation calculator) integrated on the platform enable comparisons and calculations to be carried out for aspects such as costs and energy potential of roofs for solar systems, the benefits of sustainable heating systems and appropriate timing of resource-saving renovation. 

Partnership Thingsy

Thingsy helps to extend the life cycle of products. The app offers services aimed at giving products a longer life in a straightforward way: repair, share and resell with one click – all of which helps to save resources. 

Partnership Share That Wear

With "Share that Wear", clothes and accessories can be rented and loaned via an app. Thanks to the principle of sharing, there is no need to buy new clothes, bags and shoes. This saves resources and money.

We create sustainable value.