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In close partnership with Dynamic Test Center AG in Vauffelin, Baloise has been conducting vehicle crash tests for over a decade. These serve the purpose of prevention and are intended to sensitise the public as well as interested and selected circles and to draw attention to problems. Baloise sees this as a contribution to reducing the number of people injured and killed in road traffic accidents.

Previous crash tests

When electric bikes are spotted too late

Bicycles fitted with an electric motor have become increasingly popular in recent years, and the coronavirus pandemic has boosted demand even more. Firstly, electric bikes offer a practical alternative to public transport. Secondly, Switzerland has seen a significant change in how people spend their leisure time and holidays: The Swiss have fallen back in love with spending time in the great outdoors. But how safe are electric bikes, and what might happen in the event of an accident?

Baloise crash test highlights consequences of accidents involving electric scooters and bikes

Electric scooters have been a common sight on our streets for a few years now. As a quick way to get from A to B, they are an increasingly popular choice for completing the ‘final mile’ in urban areas. Beyond the practical benefits, however, they have also garnered criticism for their riders’ behaviour – and the resulting accidents and conflicts. Equally popular are the practical electric cargo bikes, which allow you to transport larger loads or carry children. But how safe are they, and what might happen in the event of an accident?

Modern emergency brake assistants for trucks save lives

Statistics show that the number of fatalities in accidents involving freight transport vehicles in Switzerland remains at a stubbornly high level. Various measures have proved successful, but each year there are still far too many fatalities. Emergency braking systems are one way to reduce the number of accidents. To analyse the potential of the technology, Baloise teamed up with the Dynamic Test Center (DTC), Mercedes-Benz Trucks Switzerland, Routiers suisses and the Association suisse des transports routiers (ASTAG) to conduct truck crash tests in a range of conditions.

What to do if an electric car is involved in an accident?

In a simulated car accident, Baloise, in cooperation with the Dynamic Test Center, the Swiss Fire Brigade Association (SFV) and Auto Strassenhilfe Schweiz (ASS), demonstrated the consequences of an electric car accident. Particularly in the rescue chain, the procedure of the forces called in for accidents with electric vehicles differs from vehicles with petrol or diesel engines.