Baloise launches cutting-edge digital customer contact

Basel, May 14, 2019. Having launched online claims reporting last year, Baloise is introducing a further significant simplification for the processing of claims in Switzerland. Baloise customers now receive queries about their claims via a link in a text message or email, enabling them to answer the questions quickly and easily online at a time that suits them. Baloise is thus taking another step forward under its Simply Safe strategy and ensuring that interaction with its customers is as straightforward as possible.

Last year, Baloise radically simplified claims reporting with great success. Its customers in Switzerland can now easily make claims with just a few taps on their smartphone screen, and they do not even need to know their policy number. Instead, they simply enter a few personal details or a photo of their ID card along with a brief description of the claim. Baloise is now going a step further in cases where the claims processor has queries for the customer.

In such cases, customers receive a personalised link via text message or email, which takes them to a web-based dynamic questionnaire that can be completed directly from their smartphone at their convenience. They can also upload photos and submit a digital signature. Customers only see the questions that are relevant to their claim and can answer them with just a few taps on the screen. “Customer take-up of this new type of interaction was brisk during the project’s pilot phase. We received about half of all replies within just one hour,” says co-project manager Pascal Jenny. The questionnaire makes it possible to automate the extraction and processing of the structured data. The new process is finding favour with customers: 94 per cent of all those who tried the new form of interaction were delighted with it. “Customers can choose when to answer the questions. Because it is smartphone-based, the process is more compatible with everyday life and can be fitted in during a quiet moment. And we don’t have to interrupt the customer with a phone call,” adds co-project manager Kevin Häner.

Baloise is working on this initiative with Denkpark GmbH, a start-up that provides its clients with an exceptionally simple method for interacting with customers in the event of queries. Use of this interaction method increased the reply rate and reduced lead times from several weeks to just a few days. Plans are in place to roll it out to other areas of the business. “We are delighted to have optimised claims processing so comprehensively for our customers. After all, a positive customer experience is one of the most important factors for our success,” says Mathias Zingg, Head of Claims and a member of the Executive Committee of Baloise in Switzerland.


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