Working as a... Working as an Insurance Customer Adviser

«As a customer adviser, you are selling more than just insurance. You are creating security. And meaning.»

Acting with self-assurance. Identifying needs. Creating security.

The car is totalled, you’re embroiled in a legal dispute or a valuable family heirloom has shattered into a thousand pieces: When things like that happen, you need a person on the scene who understands the customer and does everything possible to take care of them. Ideally, such a person can also help their customers avoid such accidents. In other words, we expect our customer advisers to make our customers more secure – so secure, in fact, that ideally nothing ever happens to begin with.

Professional expertise and common sense
Becoming a customer adviser

No worries! As a customer adviser, you will acquire a vast amount of specialist knowledge, but we also offer you ongoing, comprehensive training at our training centres in Arlesheim and Jongny [German]. You will complete basic training to obtain VBV certification as an insurance broker. In addition, you will be supported by your team and your manager. This is the ideal coaching and mentoring approach – because they all have experience in their own fields. Together with them, you will develop your goals and agree the next medium and long-term steps in your career planning.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that lifelong learning is essential. It is the only way to ensure that you continually develop and are a reliable partner for your customers. Therefore, as a customer adviser, we require you to continually develop by completing courses under the Cicero (Certified Insurance Competence) programme. You will be given around four to five days each year for this.

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Good work pays off

Our remuneration system allows top advisers to enjoy above-average earnings. If you inspire our customers, you too will share in that success – regardless of the channel through which the customer ultimately takes out the insurance or banking solution. We work with a multi-channel model, which allocates all customers from the online channel and telephone support to the market area or the portfolios of the field sales representatives. 

One remuneration system, three components 

  • Portfolio-based remuneration, regardless of channel: to reward the volume of your customer base
  • Gross remuneration (new business and additional premium), regardless of channel: to acknowledge your new policies and cross-selling.
  • Net growth remuneration: to reward the growth in new customers.

We offer you attractive terms and conditions of employment that include discounts on our insurance and banking products, outstanding social benefits and a modern work environment.

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