It is important to us that we are the preferred partner for brokers, agents, suppliers and business partners, such as outsourcing and innovation partners, who share our values and with whom we can convert synergies into mutual, measurable success.

Resource partners

Activities and focus

Baloise has an extensive network of cooperation partners. Its relationship with innovation partners, start-ups, outsourcing partners, suppliers, brokers and intermediaries creates a network that results in synergy potential and knowledge transfer, holding the promise of success for both sides.

We are working with various partners as part of our strategic phase "Simply Safe". Our approach to innovation is to connect young companies and partners across the home and mobility ecosystems into a strong network, adding value and impact by bringing together ideas, people, assets, technologies and organisations. In addition to its partnerships in Switzerland, which focus largely on innovation, Baloise’s partnerships in Germany and Belgium are primarily with intermediaries and brokers. In Luxembourg, Baloise has been collaborating with the Etika association since 2020, the aim being to incorporate sustainability into various business sectors. As part of this partnership, there are plans to launch insurance products that take account of social, environmental and governance-related aspects of sustainability. The partners are also working to develop and implement various campaigns to raise awareness.

Vendor Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that our suppliers and outsourcing partners also comply with our sustainability principles, our partners’ acceptance of our Vendor Code of Conduct is a firm component of our processes. The Vendor Code of Conduct includes regulations on aspects such as conflicts of interest, benefits, environmental aspects, procurement ethics, freedom of association, child labour, human rights, health and safety and discrimination, as well as the procedure for reporting breaches.


Impact on partners

Innovations in sustainability in the spirit of partnership

Investments, partnerships and collaborations allow us to join forces to offer innovative products and services in the area of sustainability. This allows us to promote a society focused on the long term and sustainability. Our innovations focus on our Home and Mobility ecosystems. Through collaboration with our partners, we ensure competitiveness as well as increasing the capacity for innovation and future growth for Baloise and our partners. We also accelerate our innovation speed by shortening product development times.


We create sustainable value.


Innovations and partnerships since 2016.