Through simple and fair cooperation with our partners, we create synergies that lead our partners and ourselves to success.

Resource partners

To me, sustainability means that Baloise strives for long-term cooperation with partners.

Jan Spörri
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Aktivitäten und Fokus

We work with various partners as part of our Simply Safe strategic phase in over 50 initiatives. Our focus is placed on evolving customer needs in the age of digitalisation. These needs and our initiatives can be divided up into four fields: Home, Mobility, Financial Needs and Business Services.

Our partnerships are not just limited to new initiatives, products and services, but also include the sale of these, our network of suppliers and company-owned start-ups.


Impact on partners

Capacity for competition and innovation

Through collaboration with our partners, we ensure competitiveness as well as increasing the capacity for innovation and future growth for Baloise and our partners. We also accelerate our innovation speed by shortening product development times. Over 50 initiatives deliver innovative solutions today for tomorrow’s market.


We create sustainable value.


Innovations and partnerships since 2016.