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We are staying on the move for a good cause
Blog We are staying on the move for a good cause
Kim Berrendorf July 16, 2020

In June, around 750 Baloise employees at all sites collected kilometres to participate in a transnational fundraising campaign. Every country set a kilometre goal based on their number of employees and selected an organisation to support with a donation during the coronavirus crisis.

The challenges and the good cause

In Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, we set a kilometre goal which we achieved within four weeks. This not only allowed us to start moving again after the lockdown, but also to support a non-profit organisation in each country through donations. The chosen organisations are either directly involved in overcoming the coronavirus crisis within the community or are affected by the effects of the crisis themselves.


A total of 43,106 km were covered on foot or through cycling, i.e. one lap around the world, in four weeks. This enabled employees in Switzerland to make a donation of CHF 10,000 to the organisation Surprise.

The response to handing our donation over to Surprise shows it clearly: with our donation, we helped alleviate the financial losses suffered by Surprise during the coronavirus crisis. Surprise supported its vendors even throughout the months where they were unable to make any sales. The video features Nicole Amacher from Surprise, Ralph Thurnherr as the representative of the sportspeople at Baloise and Werner Hellinger, known as Elvis, who was supported during these difficult times as a Surprise vendor.

The non-profit organisation Surprise is behind the renowned Surprise street magazine and the Surprise street choir that we actively supported in 2019. Surprise supports people in financially precarious and socially difficult situations. Street sales of the Surprise magazine fell significantly during the coronavirus crisis since it was not possible to make street sales during the months of April and May. With our campaign, we want to support people who were already facing difficult circumstances even without the coronavirus crisis.


A total of 31,877 km were covered on foot and by bicycle in four weeks. This enabled the employees of Baloise Germany to raise up to EUR 5,000 for the organisation Deutscher Kinderverein.

The main objective of Deutscher Kinderverein is to radically improve child protection in Germany. Deutscher Kinderverein aims to become a skilled leading voice across the country and act as a driving force, fully embracing their role as a child protection lobbyist against child abuse and mistreatment.


Belgium started the challenge a month earlier. They covered over 100,000 km on foot or through cycling. This enabled the employees of Baloise in Belgium to raise EUR 10,000 for the King Baudouin Foundation.

In the fight against the coronavirus, the King Baudouin Foundation wants to support organisations confronted with situations brought about by COVID-19 that have impeded their ability to carry out their services. These are organisations that represent experts at the forefront.


They covered 5,719 km on foot or through cycling in four weeks. This enabled the employees of Baloise in Luxembourg to raise EUR 10,000 for the organisation ALAN – Maladies Rares Luxembourg.

ALAN – Maladies Rares Luxembourg has been dedicated to improving the living conditions of people suffering with rare medical conditions since 1998. The commitments of the organisation include psychological support, raising public awareness, fighting for equal access to care for all people with an illness and organising leisure activities for patients. You can find additional information here. 

Social involvement and health promotion

The campaign proves that you can combine good things. As an employer, Baloise aims to create positive added value for all – this is our approach to sustainability. This is why Baloise motivates its employees to do something for their own health via donations for people in need. We’re thus killing two birds with one stone: we’re improving our health while simultaneously helping others.

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