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From commercial apprentices to trainees – at Baloise, training positions are secure
Blog From commercial apprentices to trainees – at Baloise, training positions are secure
Kim Berrendorf August 12, 2020

Developing new talent is an essential part of our business management and something to which we attach great importance as a component of social sustainability. To celebrate the International Youth Day of the United Nations today, we would like to provide a little encouragement and show the positions of trainees and young people deciding on their career path at Baloise remain secure, even during the coronavirus crisis.

Apprentices, Young Insurance Professionals, temporary student employees and Co

Baloise supports trainees throughout their basic education, higher vocational training, technical college or university studies. Across the Group, we employed 281 trainees and young professionals in 2019 – 225 in Switzerland and 56 in Germany. 

These are young professionals
Young Insurance Professional VBV

With the Young Insurance Professional VBV training, high school graduates in Switzerland can directly jump into the insurance sector. The 18-month training course is largely practical and carried out at an insurance company. In addition, they attend around 270 classroom lessons (source:


At Baloise, internships are offered for university students, school students and commercial school graduates. A student internship is ideal for practically applying theoretical knowledge and diving into a professional environment. A university internship will ideally involve six to twelve months of full-time work. The commercial school 3+1 internship lasts twelve months and involves the possibility to complete a commercial apprenticeship, including a vocational baccalaureate.


Temporary student employee

A temporary student employee works part-time (30%–60%) while studying for at least six months or longer in order to gather practical experience.


The trainee programme is geared towards master’s degree graduates and lasts 16 months. This time is divided into four freely selectable blocks, one of which is completed abroad.

Dual study

Dual study involves studying Business Informatics at the HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration while simultaneously gathering practical experience. This course of study lasts three years, divided into 32 weeks of theory at the university and 20 weeks of practical work with us. 

Training positions starting in August 2020 were filled already some time ago. However, we have advertised two more training vacancies at our Basel location in order to provide a new alternative for students who have lost their apprenticeships as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Once their training is complete, we search for suitable employment options for our leavers. If there are no suitable vacancies upon completing their training, we will find a transitional solution, for example with a temporary position in our junior staff pool. We are extremely keen to keep our trainees with their skills and knowledge at Baloise.

Another 50 training vacancies will be advertised in Switzerland for 2021: 38 apprenticeships (commercial and IT), 7 commercial school internships and 8 Young Insurance Professional VBV positions. This equates to even more training vacancies than last year. In Germany, 16 new training positions were filled in 2020: 10 apprentices, 4 IT specialists and 2 dual students. The number of trainees thus remains at the same level as in 2019.

Shape your own path – even during challenging times

At Baloise, you are considered part of the team – whether you’re an apprentice, an intern or a temporary student employee. Our environment is characterised by a high degree of collaboration, personal responsibility and creative freedom. We think it’s important for everyone to undergo continuous development and help shape their own paths. After all, Baloise was awarded the Friendly Work Space label again in 2020 for a reason!

A common aspect of all our training roles is that you don’t need to know exactly what you want. The main thing is for you to be open and motivated when it comes to learning new things. During the coronavirus crisis, we felt it was important to continue offering taster days for trainees. The next Insta taster day is on 19 August 2020. How are you otherwise supposed to know which job is right for you? Our trainees were also some of the first employees to start working remotely in March.

«The commercial apprenticeship at Baloise is multifaceted and challenging, but also a highly individual experience.»

«Our commitment also extends beyond the office – for example, our Social Week takes place once a year, where we support a social project with our Trainees»

#GoodReasons for a commercial apprenticeship

We are particularly proud of our commercial apprenticeship system: At Baloise, you will learn everything you need for your professional future. We are constantly learning from one another, and speaking your mind is part of the Baloise corporate culture. Baloise has been taking new paths for junior staff development with their apprentice team for some time. Apprentices are organised into a largely autonomous unit, the apprentice team. As a result, their project work means they are given responsibility at an early stage, allowing them to develop skills such as independence and the ability to work in a team.

Developing new talent is sustainable

In line with the motto “Start thinking about tomorrow today”, our commitment to training and developing new talent has a positive effect on society as a whole. We also contribute significantly to sustainable business management, as we train qualified specialist personnel in a targeted manner, thus equipping ourselves for the future.

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